Present Continuous Tense VDO
1.  ѡ¹մ ͧ  Present Simple VS Present Continuous Tense
2.  Ẻ֡Ѵ ŧش ( ö ŧش )


1. Put the verbs into the correct tense (present simple OR present continuous):
The train always ________________(1: leave) on time. "What's the matter? Why ________________(2: cry/you)?" That's strange. They________________(3: not to watch) TV. He________________(4: not to speak) very good English. Please be quiet! I________________(5: do) my homework. Where________________(6: live/they)? Listen! John ________________ music! (7: play) I never ________________(8: go) to the swimming pool. Harold Black's a famous pianist. He________________(9: give) two or three concerts every week. He ________________(10: travel) a lot and this week he's in New York. He________________(11: stay) at an expensive hotel. He's at his hotel now. He________________(12: have) his breakfast in the dining−room. He________________(13: drink) a cup of coffee and he________________(14: read) a newspaper. Harold's always very busy. He________________(15: play) the piano regularly. He________________(16: practise) for four hours every day. He________________(17: go) to bed late and he always ________________(18: get up) early. But he sometimes________________(19: get) dressed too quickly, and this morning he________________(20: wear) one blue sock and one red one!

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