E33204 English for Academic Purposes
A Teaching Revolution: Right Touching Teenaged Learners
Written by Thakorn Jessadapatragul       
Educational problems admonished by today’s Thai public covering not only controversial GPA issues, tutorial studying but learning reform is being constantly aggravated. From the concrete point of view, these problems have partly originated from the learning process administered by certain teachers and educators in formal education. Providing that formal school teachers are better equipped with consummate teaching style, it will gradually lessen the unequaled academic standards. Above all, if most of formal teachers teach better than tutors, tutorial education will inevitably be wiped out by nature. The skills of presentation sometimes are more significant than intensive academic content now that academic affairs essentially contain some latent stresses. There are several action researches concerning conventional classroom, which say that learning environment in secondary schools is thronged with malign tension, boredom and misery. All students don’t feel like studying without fun. Besides “Child-Centered” mantra has been confusingly interpreted due to the fact that certain teachers, for instance, always assign their students to set groups and have them do some researches and papers through info resources. Then students present the reports in front of the class like seminars but there are, in practice, 5-10 people in a research group, only 2-3 students out of 10 who cope with the research stuff. Moreover when they are discussing the reports, there are nothing more than 2-3 persons out of 50 in class including the teacher paying attention to the report discussion. In conclusion, some assiduous students focus on studies, others are tending to chat with one another during their friends’ presentations. A few of them told that even experienced conventional teachers had taught us but we sometimes hadn’t concentrated the lessons. Accordingly, “students teach students” method still doesn’t work presently since unprofessional reporters are apt to emphasize the report reading without 2-way communication with their audiences. Ultimately, tasteless reports are invariably kept in teachers’ meaningless portfolios. Students do not obtain much knowledge as they should have done. Different theoretical concepts effecting results for their educational efficacy depends much upon time, space, or classroom context. Consequently, the first and easiest solution might be teaching with sense of humors which makes lessons be fun. It is apparent that today’s education problems come partly from the capability of teachers to adopt their teaching techniques to catch students’ attention. Some teachers cannot get into the teenaged students’ hearts. There should be no generation gap between teachers and students. “Student-centered” means that teachers should put their more efforts to understand what interest the students. For example, some students are engrossed in sports; teachers should follow such popular sports matches like tennis, the English, German or Italian football leagues, NBA basketball, etc. Other students are absorbed in music; teachers should follow music top chart and music video from television programs or radio stations of G'MM'’,  RS, Bakery or Indy as well as well-known foreign songs performed by teenaged idols and celebs. In addition, teachers should pursue the new movies shown in the cinema and VCD-DVD movies, after-news-series, weekend’s teen series, news talks such as Teung Look Teung Kon, Reung Lao Chao Nee, and Phom Chob Yam Cahao; best-selling youth literatures such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, magazines such as The Boy, You and I, internet websites to seek for academic information and entertainment such as Eduzones, Dek-d, Yindii, Nectec, Lemononline, Kapook, computer games such as Ragnarok, Counter Strike, several versions of The Sims, Chat programs including MSN, PIRCH, ICQ. Teachers should also find some times to visit popular teenagers’ zones such as Center Point, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon,and Central World .They should catch up with feature and function development of each model of mobile phones owing to mobile phones becoming vital part of teenagers’ life. Teachers should try not to view these suggestions as nonsense matters. At first, a few of teachers might be frustrated to change their teaching behaviors but if some kinds of these things go on until they achieve the utmost objectives of learning reform, the teachers will enjoy their teaching unprecedentedly. Last but not Least, the most component in modern pedagogy is the knowledge integration. It’s been defined as teachers who have been well-informed with multi-disciplines, or interdisciplinary sciences. Generally speaking, teachers have to own academic versatility which is the indispensable attributes for an ideal teacher as an opinion leader in students’ eyesight. For example, an English teachers ought to be aware a little of basic concepts about calculus, chemical equilibrium, Kreb’s cycle, socialization, geopolitics or some French Vocabulaire and Grammaire. Some empirical researches in educational psychology have proven that it is easier to explain or exemplify some things new to the students through what they have known from other disciplines because they can integrate the new info with the old one successfully into the long-term memories. If Thai teachers try harder to understand and follow the above suggestions, teachers will not be strangers or foreign objects in students’ eyesight. Additionally, classes will become more colorful and pleasing. Teachers can teach and instruct their students much easier. Generation gaps will no longer exist no matter how old the teachers are. Teachers come to be partners or counselors who students can ask for advice in every aspect. This leads to familiarization between teachers and students. This new breed of teachers can be prestigiously so-called a good ‘facilitator’ or ‘pathfinder’ in accordance with the purpose of learning reform, which will dramatically benefit students to finally be intelligent, good and happy.

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