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Teacher Ramsy de Vos
Foreign Languages Department
English Teacher

RSS English Idioms

Young at Heart

If you are 'Young at Heart', you think, feel or act like young person despite being older.


Despite being over seventy he keeps playing tennis every day.  He is truly amazing and so young at heart!

Stuff Your Face

If you "stuff your face", you eat a lot of food.


He stuffed his face with sweets all day and felt very ill afterwards

Be in deep water

To be in 'deep water' is to be trouble or in a difficult or serious situation:

Example: "The director knew he'd be in deep water if he didn't mention his wife in his acceptance speech."

Thief don

"Thief don’t like to see thief carry long bag" means that a dishonest person dislikes competition from other like-minded persons.

Editor's note:  There are a few variations of this idiom found online, such as "Tief nuh like si neda man wid long bag" and "Thief neva like fi see thief with long bag", but they all express the same idea.

Go to the foot of our stairs

Can also be "go to our house" and is an expression of astonishment.


Originally a western communist who supported Stalin's authoritarianism, usually backed by tanks, the modern tankie supports pretty much any authoritarian government or dictatorship that opposes the West.

Close to the vest

If you keep things close to the vest, you try to keep things secret or avoid taking risks.

Close to the chest

If you keep things close to the chest, you keep things secret or take no risks.

Pound sand

If someone's tells you to pound sand, they are telling you to get lost.

Read the runes

If you read the runes, you understand what is likely to happen because of the current circumstances.


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