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Teacher Ramsy de Vos
Foreign Languages Department
English Teacher

RSS English Idioms

   If some is Norse, they are a complete idiot. It comes from a medical acronym (Neurosurgical On-call Referral System) and has nothing to do with Nordic countries.

Go to the foot of our stairs

Can also be "go to our house" and is an expression of astonishment.


Originally a western communist who supported Stalin's authoritarianism, usually backed by tanks, the modern tankie supports pretty much any authoritarian government or dictatorship that opposes the West.

Close to the vest

If you keep things close to the vest, you try to keep things secret or avoid taking risks.

Close to the chest

If you keep things close to the chest, you keep things secret or take no risks.

Pound sand

If someone's tells you to pound sand, they are telling you to get lost.

Read the runes

If you read the runes, you understand what is likely to happen because of the current circumstances.


Strange and suspicious.

Example: When the security guard saw a light in the store after closing hours it seemed to him that there was something fishy going on.

Chew the fat

Say unimportant things

Punch above your weight

If you punch above your weight, you do or try to do things that should be beyond your abilities or expected capacity.


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