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Teacher Ramsy de Vos
Foreign Languages Department
English Teacher

RSS English Idioms

Hairy eyeball

In AmE to give someone the hairy eyeball is to look at them askance.

Poke one's nose

If you poke your nose in or into something, it means you are interfering or too interested in someone else's business. 

Throw in the sponge

If you throw in the sponge, you give in and admit defeat.

Feel your oats

If your are energetic and vigorous, you are feeling your oats.

Ball of chalk

If something has gone for a ball of chalk, it has gone terribly wrong.

Shake in your boots

If you shake in your boots, you are terrified.
(Quake/cower in your boots are also used. You can also shake in your shoes.)

Fill your boots

If someone tells you to fill your boots, they mean that you can help yourself to as much as you want of something.

Queer as a three-dollar bill

If soething is queer as a three-dollar bill, it isobviously untrue or fake.

Up in arms

If people are up in arms, they are complaining or protesting angrily about something.

Dish it out

If someone can dish it out but can't take it, they criticise people freely but dislike being criticised.


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